Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Why Lord?

Ever since we set foot in this land of smiles, God showed us things that we never expected before, things that we've been praying in the Philippines. I have prayed that my wife will come to the real meaning of the word "Christianity", claiming to be a Christian is entirely different than living the way Christ expects us to live and show that w e are really His. 
With the kind of attitude that most of us Filipinos have, that is to say our being too opinionated in almost everything, it is quite difficult to really make us understand that Christianity is not just on the knowing Him basis. it is a matter of fact being in relationship with Him. One cannot claim as His child if you only know Christ by name or what He did. Thus it is essential that for you to be able to claim that you really is God's child you have to have Christ as your savior not just as someone who was hanged on the cross for the sins of mankind. It is indeed good that you have that knowledge but that would be vain if you will not claim that among those "MANKIND" that he died and bleed, you are one of them.
It is in this land, that my wife came to know Christ personally, it is through here in Thailand that I cam e to realize the need to share God's word, that I have been slacking in sharing His love.
I thought that once I am here in this land were Christianity is just a small portion of their population, I don't really have to exert so much effort in proving myself that I am a Christian. This is where I was wrong, it is here that I realized and came to my senses that I don't have to be a Missionary or a preacher just for you to be able to share His love and word.
It is here that i realize that the reason why Christians doesn't succeed here in Thailand it is simply because they have failed to fulfill that responsibility that has been implanted the moment that one will claim that he is now God's child.
 I have heard so many complaints of discrimination, of unsuccessful attempts to find work and people who are claiming to be Christians but became bitter because they failed to achieve what they have set their mind to accomplish way before they set foot on this land.
There is just one simple reason why this happens to them, it is because they have forgotten that aside from acquiring money to help feed their families, we as Christians has that responsibility to feed those who need spiritual feeding.
the moment that I have realized that and started to make an extra effort to do what I am suppose to do as His child, it is then that His abundant blessings started to pour out on my family.
I may sound to be bragging but I am not. I am sharing my thoughts on the said matter as every now and then my FB wall is often filled with Filipinos here in Thailand who are claiming to be Christians, of their murmurings, complaints and reflections of a chaotic kind of life. 
Why are they living in such a chaotic and unsuccessful life, the answer lies within them, the answer is on their hands. If they do the will of God, if they do what is the most important thing that they should do. it is only then that they will be able to see and receive the endless and abundant grace of God even in this pagan land.
It is only then that they will find peace, contentment and success the moment they have learned to embrace what We as Christians were commanded to do in the first place. " Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel..." Mark 16:15

Each one of us can be a good contribution to God's ministry here in Thailand, you don't really have to go out and visit. We can share God's word to every one here in Thailand wherever we are and whatever we do.
This is why I am so proud of my wife as she is slowly incorporating Christian values to her class and at the same time slowly sharing God's word in anyway she can. 
One of such act is by teaching her Matthayom class the traditional Christmas song "Go tell it on the Mountain", and has been presented during one of their early morning ceremonies.

The REHEARSAL  of the Song with Matthayom students of Bodindecha Sing Sing Haseni

THE PERFORMANCE OF THE SONG "GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN" with Bodindecha Sing Sing Haseni Mattayom Students

As God has put us in this land, there is just one thing that we should bear in mind, we are His children and we have to do what our Father in heaven has appointed us to do. However, the choice is yours whether to take heed to such call and live the way the world lives.


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