Sunday, 18 December 2011

Unexpected Present

THE BEST CAKE offense to SALLY :)

Last Dec. 15 was my birthday together with my twin brother. I was used of "not" getting any presents in any form from anybody, since most of my presents were from my mother which usually most often comes very late in British POUNDS form...:)
When my wife asked me as to what is it that I would want to prepare for my birthday, I just replied and told her not to bother at all since I already have all the things that a man in his 40 could ask for. 
I am actually most thankful to God for allowing me to reach this age. When I was a bit younger and during the time when I was hospitalized I even wondered if I will be able to reach the age of 35 since my biological father died of the same condition at the age of 37 or less.
anyways, to make this post short, I received an unexpected visitor last Saturday afternoon.
After posting all the articles for Build My Rank, I head upstairs on the 3rd floor and played PS2. Yes, I do play PS2 and played "BLACK". I was there and enjoying my game when my daughter Khiara called me and told me that I have a visitor, it was Pat and he's got something for me.
So, I went down and there He was with his big smile holding the cake that you can see above this post.
Maam Avin along with Khiara and Kiff were singing the birthday. I was speechless and honestly i was flattered.
Here he(PAT) is, with all that happened to him, losing all of his belongings to greedy and selfish taxi driver who took all his books and literally his entire "LIFE" when he was about to transfer to his new dorm.
He took an effort in buying this simple cake for me. The cake really didn't matter much to me, but it was the ACT, or the effort that he showed that touched and impressed me much.
We've been praying for this young man ever since we first met him and God has been showing us signs that He is already working in the life of this young friend of ours.
So, in appreciation and in showing my gratitude for the simple yet heartily given cake, I dedicate this post to a member of our family "PiPat".

ME blowing the candles on the Cake while PiPat holding it
Thank you and may God continually work in your life and may you know His Son Jesus Personally.


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