Thursday, 10 November 2011

Where are the figures?

by: The Light

Posted on November 10, 2011

In my day work, the company I work in is huge with a significant number of employees in sales, services and cashiers. As it is in all service industries, there is a high-turnover rate in these three positions. The need arises to find a way to manage effectively the recruitment process and also the “feedback” loop in the process, the information and reporting part.
At the very start when I came in we use spreadsheets, particularly MS-Excell. This was due to the fact that our section manager has an accounting background and this was the tool she was most familiar with. Later on, our former colleague at the head office started using MS-Access. It was good idea and this was something I was very much familiar with. One of my first tasks in my first employment before coming here was to develop a system using MS-Access. After that colleague left, I had taken the task to improve it.
After looking at what we were doing at work, I found out that this is what is called an Applicant Tracking System. It takes input about applicants; their basic demographic data such as age, gender, education, etc. Then it tracks each of them of their status throughout the selection process such as interview sessions, testing and on to the last step date of hiring. These datum are then manipulated, computed, as you may have it,  to provide feed back for manpower control; how many have come for a certain period, from what source, what position, how many have passed the selection process and the most important, how many were hired..


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