Saturday, 5 November 2011

What we see as the Lord’s hand in all these

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For our OFW friends living in Bangkok and in the nearby areas, this flood crisis is a very difficult experience for us all. For the rest of you, the international news and media are covering the flood crisis here in Bangkok and in Thailand. And in all these pain and loss we question why?

We had our usual prayer time last night. Gospel music was still playing after the amenwas said. and we reflected on the crisis that is happening. Yesterday afternoon we were able to meet an old friend and his wife. They had experienced a terrible flood in Kabankalan many years back. And here they encountered the same thing. We felt sad for them. Tata said we might question why. I said there is nothing wrong in acknowledging pain and loss. Yes, go ahead and question why as an expression of pain and loss. The Psalms of King David is an example of such. But in the end we still must acknowledge that it is still God’s hand in all these things. As the Psalmist does.

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