Thursday, 18 October 2012

For sins of human beings all, 
Lord Jesus laid His life on cross; 
Although a sin-free soul Himself, 
He suffered, died to redeem man.

He shed His every dropp of blood, 
Emancipating human race
From punishment by hell for sins -
Such heinous crimes upon the earth! 

The cross is part of Christian's life, 
And persecutions will happen, 
As Christ predicted all these things, 
For those who walked in His foot-steps! 

His Holy Spirit guides Christians, 
Who live a righteous life for Christ, 
The only Son of Almighty -
A heart of immense love for man! 

But Christ resurrected from death! 
He won clear victory o'er satan; 
All Christians good will do the same; 
This faith is something strangely true.

Let humiliations come in life! 
Let trials, tribulations come! 
Let strife threaten our faith and hope! 
Christ stays with us till end of time! 

A Christian takes his cross and walks
Behind the Savior, Jesus Christ -
The Light and Truth and only Way
To reach Heaven, abode of God! 

Copyright by Dr John Celes 3-31-2009


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