Saturday, 3 March 2012

So Alone

If a house could remember, perhaps when we left it and moved away it would miss us and worry about its future with the new folks who might soon move in. That’s the premise of Norma Liles nostalgic whimsy in the article shown below.  Perhaps, however, the truth is that it is Norma who misses her old home. We wish both her and the old homestead much happiness in the future. –Editor

*So Alone*
Full of memories I sit here as a derelict; wondering what will happen next.  I can hear the voices of the loved ones who cared; their sweet voices ringing in song or the
weighty piano’s sounds echoing throughout the day.
 I hear the rocking chair squeak as a little one is lulled to sleep, the television emitting the soaps of the day. The phone rings often with a call from a loved one to share the
events of the day or possibly the year or an upcoming
 holiday.  Much laughter has been heard around as well as
tears of sadness , but altogether it rings with love of
family from young ones to the elderly.
 Some family members have been added over time plus
 other family members have gone to their reward.
 Just think of the days when they all walked through the
door; so much chatter that no one knows what the
other is trying to say but it is an excitement of being together and feeling loved.
 Now, my future appears to be uncertain as those who cared
 for my four walls are no longer available; but instincts tell me that I will secure a stronger future as loving
hands tend to my deficient state of disrepair.  I foresee my future being one of being renewed and rejuvenated
 as the hammers and nails seek the beauty within the home that until then feels; oh so alone.
Sharing my memories of our once upon a time home place 
that has passed on to new owners.  I pray they treat you
gently and enjoy the future that you have to offer.  You
were not just four walls that supported and protected us
over the years.  You hold a treasure of memories yet to
be shared.

Norma Liles

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