Sunday, 19 February 2012

Two LOVE Poems in a Row

A Perfect Fit

My goodness you were tall,
And I just past five feet;
We looked a little silly,
But it turned out very sweet,
I stood upon my tiptoes
And you bent really low,
And our first kiss was perfect—
As of course you also know!
That you’re a large
And I’m a small
Didn’t matter—
Not at all…
I think you “rose above it”
And I got “down to earth”
And we made a love decision
Based upon each other’s worth.
So if someone thinks that you’re too tall
Or that I am far too short,
Tell them that we fell in love;
That’s all you need report.
By Betty L. Killebrew
Me and You
Me and you, you and me—
Oh how happy I would be

If our lives were joined together
Like bright sun and lovely weather;

And our couplehood was known,
As a thing that’s set in stone;

So that no one ever thought
Of you and then did not

Think of me at the same minute
And of love and how we’re in it.

By Betty L. Killebrew


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