Friday, 28 October 2011

The activity was held at Nonthaburi Christian Fellowship building with an attendance of more than 20 all in all. The activity was for couples but there were some singles who joined in and it was a refreshing activity wherein all of us have had our share of pouring out on certain marital issues that is greatly affecting marriage couples and the way they take on life itself.
Bro. Bien Anatan was our devotional speaker or gave some sort of a challenge and inspiration to all who attended the said affair.
The topic or the theme of the activity was focused on two main keywords which plays a VITAL AND CRUCIAL role in any relationship. "LOVE and RESPECT".
Man requires or seek their better half or spouse "RESPECT", while the author pointed out that wives requires or seek "LOVE" from men.
It would be better if both will be applied or be extend by both parties, these would result to a lasting and harmonious relationship no matter what kind of environment the couples live in.

Indeed, that night was a blessing and at the same time inspiring not only for each couples but for the singles as well.

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