Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Does God Know? Does God Care?

By: Art Inion

I've been following GMA news online. The last week there is an article with the headline related to the assassination of the late Senator Ninoy Aquino. A week after, GMA News Network are following the group of Hong Kong residents demanding justice after the hostage incident last year. The late Senator Ninoy Aquino did not receive justice from then till now. What will be the assurance of the Hong Kong hostage victims that they will receive justice? And these are not just random incidents. 

In this world we at one time have been at the receiving end of injustice or unfairness at some time. There are two sides of the matter about injustice. For Christians, Christ was at the wrong end of justice. But that He intended it that way. He had a plan. To sacrifice His life for mankind. Redemption. We claim to be Christians, we claim to follow Christ. And yet followers of Christ cannot take injustice? The world is still in a state of sin, and until a new world and new heaven is instituted, Christians will receive injustice. Followers of Christ will be accused falsely, will be neglected, will be beaten, will be imprisoned and all sorts of unjustful acts. The other side of the coin.
For those who do not know Christ in a personal way, injustice is the product of pride and selfishness. Unless the condition of the heart of man has changed, there will still be injustice and unfairness. Is there any hope for us victims of injustice?
Be assured, widows and orphans have a special promise from God in the Scriptures. God gives swift justice for those who are unfair or unjust to orphans and widows (Duet 10:18).
For the rest of us, before this old world and old heaven passes away, God will bring justice to all those who are unfair and unjust and the punishment they deserve. All those who are in Christ will receive justice. God will come and bring it.
In the end, before the new world and new heaven comes, assuming the late Senator Ninoy Aquino has a personal relationship with Christ, he will be vindicated. The same, assuming that the Hong Kong hostage victims know Christ personally, they will receive justice. Followers of Christ need not to worry about getting justice; it is promised and made sure. If not in our present time, at the end of time and it will happen.
Does God know? Does God care? So goes the angry cries. Yes, He does but He is patient so that everyone should come to Christ first. Everyone will be given a fair chance. If in the end if they still continue not to repent, that will be the time they will be on the other end of justice; punishment and vindication.


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