Sunday, 17 July 2011

NCF and ICS of Thaland Launches Its New Ministry

One of the new ministry that both the School and the Fellowship that is opening to reach out more Thais in knowing the Gospel and the Love of Christ. By teaching them freely they'll be able to learn and be educated with the English language and at the same time know that there is a GOD that loves them very much the same way  as HE loves YOU and ME, His Children.
Your continuous support and prayers will be greatly appreciated not by US only but by our KING Himself the Lord Jesus Christ.

All this we do for the furtherance of HIS kingdom, if you have that same LOVE, BURDEN and PASSION in reaching out to those that don't know Christ yet. Feel free to join us in spreading God's word.

You can be one of our volunteers, just contact SALLY through 0853227793 or email and we will be very happy and glad to accommodate you and welcome you with an open heart.


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